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  • Deleted user 5 February 2013 17:49:24
    Anyone following the gay marriage debate?

    I was actually with this guy...

    Roger Gale, Conservative

    "There is a way forward. It's been suggested, but it's been ignored. I don't subscribe to it myself, but I recognise the merit in the argument, and that is this: if the government is serious about this, take it away, abolish the civil partnerships bill, abolish civil marriage, and create a civil union bill that applies to all people regardless of the sexuality, or their relationships...
    Until he said this:

    ... and that means brothers and brothers, and sisters and sisters, and brothers and sisters as well. That would be a way forward."

    How can politicians use that kind of bullshit strawman rhetoric? WE wouldn't stand for that kind of thing on here for a second. How do they get away with it?
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