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    Bremenacht wrote:
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    Bremenacht wrote:
    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    The way you're making it sound is that it was a conscious choice to ignore the problems that were building up.
    It was.

    Do you drive a car, not bothering ever to maintain it, make sure it's got meat on the brake-pads or tread on the tyres? Do you allow the windscreen get so covered in shit that it's hard to see out, but don't bother refilling the washer fluid, because you save a bit of money that way?

    That's what they did. Who is paying for the resulting 'accident': the victims.
    That's absurd. If your car is running fine and it passes the routine checks do then go on and x-ray every single aspect of it?

    They did let it go on yes, but they didn't do it on purpose. If they did then have a fucking revolution and start again cause the system is beyond repair.

    Then create something better. It's broken yes, so what's better?
    Routine checks. Following this analogy, the 'routine checks' would be as follows:

    Treasury: Check GDP, unemployment, inflation all ok? Good carry on.
    FSA: You banks doing ok? Got enough capital as per our regulations
    Banks: Yes.
    FSA/T: Jolly good. Carry on.
    PEOPLE/ PRESS: Are we getting richer? Can we buy more? Yay, no need to question anything.

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