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    mowgli wrote:
    It would be fair if there were actually one/two bedroom houses/flats available. There aren't. Which is going to mean pushing social tenants to the private sector. Costing the country more in housing benefit. It is a fucking disgusting policy pushed through on the back of hate filled rhetoric with little to know thought as to application.
    There's a problem with social housing stock as well yes, and if the provision does not suit demand that that should be addressed. The problem is that takes a long time, is difficult to implement and doesn't create a quick solution that politicians can point at and go "look! We did something!"

    The actual policy itself is wrong in terms of implementation, I agree. But if you're struggling to find somewhere to put people who do need bigger houses, because they have family, then I don't see why someone who has a house beyond their needs trumps the rights of those that don't. In the situation you give, yeah sure moving a person in to a single bedroom accommodation in to the private sector (assuming she's not already there with her 3 bedroom house) would cost money. But sticking someone who *needs* a 3 bedroom house in private sector housing because she doesn't want to move is actually worse, isn't it?

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