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    mikew1985 wrote:
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    Sounds like a lot of you never used the Jockey function in previous games, only thing I miss is second player pressure which is generally how it did my tackling.
    I find the defending for me has barely changed, just need to get better at my one on ones with the keeper. I've drawn too many games that I've dominated. Think I've only lost one match in h2h seasons so far.

    Shaping up to be my favourite FIFA yet.

    Agreed mate, this is by far the best fifa to date. Absolutely loving the career mode, its much better than last years. The defending does take a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, its really good. I like the way that the game now makes you use your own defending ideas, rather than just holding one button. Im about 24 games into my season, and in 3rd in the league, only 4 points behind city and utd, and my next game is utd at home, so i cant wait to finish work and bag the 3 points! i played a lot with my pro online in fifa 11, but havent touched the online yet since im loving the career mode so much. in my opinion fifa 12 is fucking brilliant! Pro evo could only dream of being as good as this.
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