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    El_MUERkO wrote:
    However I'm getting a distinct impression that the game has something akin to rubber-banding in racing games, the game seems to decide the opposition should win and suddenly every 50/50, chance ball, tackle or whatever seems to go in their favour. It's weird, like chaos theory just ceased to exist.

    I'd have to say I'm seeing a lot of this. There are spells in every game where absolutely everything falls to the AI, no matter how random it may be (but I've seen this in all FIFAs). Also, in FIFA 12 there is generally a spell in every game where one random AI turns into Lionel Messi and hoses my whole team from the halfway line and taps in a mousey passed the keeper.

    I have also noticed my home form is much better than away, is there a balance swing in game to give the home teams the edge? In English Premier League I have lost to stoke and wolves yet beat Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U. Older FIFA's used to be like this, easy to beat top teams and damn difficult to beat teams of similar or lower rating. I thought they'd sorted that out in 11, where generally I'd gub the pish teams and have a tough game against the bigger / better clubs. Not anymore a step backwards.

    i'm slooooowly getting used to the TD... Very Slooooowly!

    Oh yeah, and the Human Players AI controlled defenders are still statues until you begin control them. If we need to be doing tactical defending the AI needs to help us out with the other 10 players we cant control simultaneously! Cover runs, intercept passes rather than let them run over your boots and get out of my F**king way when I'm trying to dribble you tw@s! I get tackled at least once a game from my own player whos just faffing about!

    Still love it tho.
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