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    AaronTurner wrote:
    At long free kicks and goal kicks they should show several players with button prompts over their heads allowing you to short pass to any of them should you choose their particular button.

    Yeah - this would be ideal.

    kentmonkey wrote:
    You can short pass to any of them, you turn your keeper accordingly and press the short pass button.

    This doesn't work, at least not 100% of the time, I've done this before only for my keeper to decide the direction I have made him face is irrelevant and play a short pass straight out to the guy directly in front of him. Ball gets intercepted and they score.

    How can anyone feel any sense of gamesmanship getting a goal like that.

    @PeacockDreams & frugtkompot - you're both absolutely on the button, you can place your players wherever you want. However I see it as taking advantage of a "quirk" of the game. It is not as straight forward as it should be to short pass to one of your unmarked wider defenders from a goal kick.

    Also at times I have had a free defender straight ahead at the goal kick, press the short pass only for an opposing player to run in front of my defender after I've pressed the button and the animation has started. At which point I cannot alter my pass recipient and more importantly have no control over the AI defender who just stands there and lets it happen.
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