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    Fair point indeed mike; I don't expect anyone to just let me have it and dribble x yards before it's ok to tackle me. As soon as I have the ball I'm fair game, if the keepers pass missed the defender - that's fair game too. I just have an issue with the attacker being positioned right infront of my defender (edit - and just waiting on the ball, not doing anything to challenge the fore-mentioned attacker).

    As for directing the pass, maybe I just suck as passing with the GK.

    When I turn the keeper to face my Right of Left back and hit pass, animated run up starts and he passes it straight on, I do play with semi-assisted passing. Is this why?

    Or do I have to continue to hold the direction I want the pass to go in (which would be up or down on the d-pad) with the keeper. so that having hit pass, I then press up or down while the keeper is doing his run up. In which case do you need to bother turning the keeper at all?

    Bah - now I do sound like a retard! ;)
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