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  • Deleted user 30 August 2013 00:05:42
    LetsGo wrote:
    joelstinton wrote:
    Well, what he has done (blair) is to make cameron lose this vote today. I think without iraq, vote would have been passed today.
    I cannot disagree with this enough, Cameron lost the vote, not Blair!

    He called for the weapon inspectors to enter Syria but then wanted to bomb them BEFORE the inspectors came back with any evidence due to buddy chums the USA.

    He shouldnt have had a vote today, get should have been next week when more evidence is in.
    I agree with you, i wrote something similar on the previous page. I was really surprised we had this debate today, instead of post saturday. It was almost jumping the gun.

    However it is clear that the Iraq shadow, lingered over today proceedings. It made the MP's ask the right question, but also i felt a lot of them were unsure how to proceed and make up their mind.
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