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    nothing you said contradicts or disagrees with anything I said
    It should be obvious that if the rebels were responsible for even a quarter of the civilian deaths, (and there is little reason to imagine that they weren't given their notorious behaviour), then they would be responsible for the majority of the deaths in Syria, (43,000 + (0.25 * 35479) = 51,870 > (0.5 * 100,000)).

    Only state backing Hezbollah.
    I presume you mean only Arab state backing Hizbollah, since Iran also backs the Shi'ite Lebanese resistance movement. However, one could argue that far from being a cause of instability, Hizbollah is what prevents a Sunni-Christian conflict in Lebanon, by holding the balance. Thus, Syria, by backing Hizbollah, might actually help make the region more stable.

    [Of course, many in Israel would love to be rid of those pesky Shi'ite rebels, and their Syrian and Iranian backers... but I suspect that the wiser heads in Tel Aviv realize that if the Shi'ites were gone, the Sunnis would turn whole-heartedly against the Jews. Israel's interest is to keep the Sunnis and Shi'ites at each other's throats, and therefore away from its own. Fortunately, the Sunnis and Shi'ites are quite capable of doing this themselves, so the Israelis need only watch.. and clap. With enemies like these, who needs friends?]

    it's high time we remove from power those who give secular a bad name.

    It's for the Syrians to decide whether their government 'gives secular a bad name' and it is for them to remove it if they so wish. For my part, judging by the opponents of the Syrian regime, it seems quite clear that the Damascus regime is more worthy of support than the alternatives.

    The worst (and frankly, quite likely) case with the Sunni jihadists is a genocide akin to what we've seen in Iraq, with the unending violence targeting the Christian and Shi'ite communities there.

    At what point will you say "You know what the devil we know is no longer tenable?"
    When there's a better alternative.

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