#6957508, By m0dm0use This exclusive 3DS pre-launch event

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    I don't think we have just 30 minutes inside, its just to sort out the Queuing so not everyone turns up at 8am like the Eurogamer expo. As far as I understand it they will utilize the whole spaces used from the 2008 eurogamer expo. so room should not be an issue, at least I hope not.

    Also some people won tickets from Future publishing would be a bit much to say you won tickets for just 30 minutes inside go enjoy and knock your self out with 3D blowing you away, nah can't be just 30 minutes. Me thinks its as said before to spread out the entrance que into the building.

    I would like official word on that but makes sense, I've been to exhibitions before with time slots each half hour. I don't think it mentions were limited to 30 minutes.

    Going by the new york event 5000 3DS units are going to be around pre release and at the New york event I heard there were ten or so games on show. 10 games in 30 minutes nah can't be done we need 5 minutes per game at least. also don't forget we want to make mii of each other with the camera and other native non game software 3DS has like camera and mii maker, and face merger thing. at least two hours is needed ; ) I want to upload my mii
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