#8553801, By Vyggo Armored Core 5 (PS3/Xbox 360) Demon's Souls dev Mecha Multiplayer

  • Vyggo 29 Mar 2012 17:39:05 445 posts
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    This game is pretty awesome isn't it? It sucked me in and is consuming my thoughts like Dark Souls. From Software really have a good thing going on with their challenging, obtuse and deep games. And I normally don't even care for mech-games.

    Mostly just playing practise duels with teammates, trying out different set-ups to see what works against what. And then use what you learn against other teams. This is one of those games where you start by destroying the other team, and then they smart up and change their tactics or ac's and totally destroy you, until you find a counter for that. Mix it up with some co-op, conquest, and mercenary work and you have a game that can keep you busy for months.
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