#9155009, By Quint2020 Ridge Racer Unbounded (sigh)

  • Quint2020 15 Nov 2012 10:49:08 3,484 posts
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    Apologies for the thread necromancy but I've just got round to picking up RR Unbounded (only 10 notes!) and I've got to say I'm loving it!

    I always wanted to give this one a shot as it was developed by Bugbear who are responsible for the awesome FlatOut series (Ultimate Carnage on the 360 is probably my favorite arcade racer of the last few years) and I'm happy to say it's lived up to my expectations of the developer, Edge's review is spot on in my opinion, great handling model, physics, sense of speed and just outright lunacy.

    The main reason for this post is to see if anyone is still playing this online? It seems like it's one of those games that was sent out to die by it's publisher and never really got the following it deserved.
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