#6975911, By Veracity Metacritic, force of evil?

  • Veracity 11 Feb 2011 01:28:33 352 posts
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    It's already influential. And yeah, that's sort of evil in that it contributes to publishers being risk-averse and games that would be hugely appealing but only to a handful of people getting buried. But it's providing a service a lot of people, in and out of publishers, want, and it's not as if those trends don't exist independently of it - at most, it reinforces them. Uh, something about effects and causes. I should go to sleep.

    Greggywocky... is correct, though. No idea who benefits from the site doing the same thing it always did but requiring more clicks to do it. Ad impressions?

    @Benno: I don't think they are. They just perpetuate the idea you can usefully summarize an opinion of a game in those terms, which I think is rarely, if ever, reasonable. It's a bit pointlessly hypothetical to speculate about, though, since it's never going to happen. Instead, I propose all ratings should be out of four (without zero). Used to think five, but then three'd be the new seven.
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