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    bbvDJC wrote:
    SomaticSense wrote:
    bbvDJC wrote:
    I'll delete it if you wish?

    It's just my view, or views that I've put across already summed in to one post for people looking for other peoples opinions. I'm not telling people to buy it on my say.

    No, I'm not saying that. All you can do is post what you feel.

    I'm just saying that this is clearly not the kind of game where you can make a purchase based on forum reaction, as opinion varies so widly on every aspect from person to person. It's one of those games which each person has to play themselves to get an idea of whether it's for them.

    Of course, the same can be said for every game, but this one even more so.

    Very true, in which a demo is needed.

    But will it happen? I've never seen a game that's open world as a demo before. :/

    Crackdown had a demo and it was an open world game. Maybe they'll release one later this year (without the bugs, hopefully)
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