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    the_dudefather wrote:
    HoriZon wrote:
    3/10 is so ridiculous its untrue, the game really picks up when you get to the town it comes into its own.

    woah woah, I'm 8 hours into this amazing game, and it has yet to 'pick up'?


    I have just finished the first city hub section, 36 rl hours in (just one more sidequest to do) and boy am i exhausted, how on earth Techland managed to fit all this onto one disc is mind boggling, i still have unexplored areas highlighted as well!

    Yes it picks up, not only does it pick up, it picks you up and throws you through the window!

    Thankgod for my epic devastating Hanbo with a heavy mod :p

    Lot of friends wanting to pick this up now who were intially put off by bogus review scores, they are also finding it hard to get a copy from retail stores.
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