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    "The respawn mechanics in this are a bit flaky, to say the least."

    There are some very odd respawn mechanics at work!

    Twice before i even entered the city i found myself teleported there without a clue in the world (fixed with a quick re-load). Personally i find most of the bugs have been minor and add a quaint kind of charm, there has been absolutely nothing gamebreaking at all so far, though by reading some of the posts in the DI forums (link above) you'd be led to believe the game was a complete abortion.

    I don't understand the hate for this game at all, it must be a fear thing, people are genuinely scared to play it, this leads to horror followed by frustration, followed by internet "this game is shit" rants, either that or peeps really are totally fucking stupid!

    To right a game off because of a few jaggies, the odd clipping issue or a few bugs is ridiculous, so i'm going with the latter. :p

    Could defo do with a day/night cycle though.
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