#7957406, By Arsecake_Baker Dead Island

  • Arsecake_Baker 13 Sep 2011 12:57:24 52 posts
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    Well i finally finished the game this morning, after staying up all night and just hammering it, ignoring the side quests (have new character already for 100% completion)

    What can i say? A pure delight from beginning to end, not had any of the major problems most people are complaining about, like i mentioned before a few minor bugs here and there but nothing gamebreaking, texture pops do get worse from Moresby onwards though which i'm sure will be sorted in a patch.

    Somebody mentioned a huge list of 360 bugs, i call shenannigans, i stopped playing Fallout because of the absurd mess bugs made of that game, nothing i repeat nothing like it has happened to me in Dead Island!

    It's sold out practically everywhere and i'm sure the guys at Techland are knee deep in booze as we speak, well done guys n gals, can't wait to get back in with Xian Mei!

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