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    stryker1121 wrote:
    I got my first torch mod the other day and was pretty excited to use it. I was disappointed to discover that the torch mod is shit. Is there a "better" torch mod somewhere down the line that actually sets zombies on fire for critical hits, let's say?

    The first torch mod is actually pretty good, it procs on crits so as mentioned, up your crit perk!

    You can't beat hopping around a thug just out of arms reach and every now and then lining up the perfect arm shot and THWACK! Break the bone for exp and on a crit the thug will go up like a roman candle. Try to find one with big hair and watch him turn into a crispy critter right in front of your eyes, his hair burnt back to his skull!

    I think i probably need a lie down! :p
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