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  • Moshbag 14 May 2012 11:15:07 109 posts
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    I have a few questions that maybe someone on here can answer:

    1. What is the benefit of manning a beam turret? Do they not track ground vehicles, or are they less accurate unmanned? Also is the flak turret supposed to be better? It costs more to build but doesn't seem any more powerful to me (maybe I just have poor aim).
    2. For the weapons found around the map (of which I've found very few), is there only one per map? I've yet to find any mines.
    3. I used the Spawn on Squad Leader skill for a couple of games but as far as I can tell not a single person spawned on my location. How does this appear on the map, and is it just something people don't know about?
    4. Is there any way of looking at your statistics other than selecting your name on the scoreboard in game?
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