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  • toy_brain 18 Feb 2011 12:06:28 1,255 posts
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    This is after I'd tied the rope to the balloon.....

    >tie rope to bomb
    You can't see any such thing.

    >tie balloon to bomb
    You tie the end of the rope to the bomb. It stretches up and up, the bomb lifts a fraction off the floor...
    Just something else to try and avoid. Yes its easy enough to figure out the 'game logic' solution, but it's a bit of an immersion-breaker as the act of tying a balloon directly to a bomb is nonsense.

    Overall though, not too bad. I notice that invalid statements do not count against the bomb timer, which is a good choice, and the hint system is a nice inclusion.
    I tried my hand at making one of these about 12 years ago, using the Graphic Adventure Creator on the Spectrum, so I know they can be a lot of work to try and get right.
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