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    Hi guys. I know it's been a while since I posted around on the forums, but I'm doing a little fundraiser for a charity campaign and I'd love it if you guys could help us out :)

    Basically, I'm raising money for Comic Relief, through a friend's campaign called Sonic Relief. As you could possibly guess from the title, it's a fundraiser organised through the Sonic community, but I figured I'd branch out a bit.

    So how does music fit into all this? Well, I created an album with a friend of mine, entitled Songs for Sonic 2. It costs 2 (minimum, you can donate more if you'd like), and is basically a two disc affair, with each disc offering a different stance on an imaginary Sonic soundtrack, so none of the tracks will sound familiar.

    If you'd like to help us all out, then pop on over to http://livingsedative.bandcamp.com/album/songs-for-sonic-2. 100% of donations will go towards Sonic Relief, even though Bandcamp take 15% of the price, and then PayPal take a bit as well. Either way, whatever you pay for the album, I'm putting into the fund.

    Currently, Sonic Relief is sitting quite nicely at 593-odd, with Songs for Sonic 2 set, at present, to add another 141 on top of that.

    If you could help us all to raise some money for charity, that would be excellent :) If not, then thanks for reading all the same, and if you know somebody who would be interested in this, pass the word on ^_^

    Ta muchly, and I promise to stick around a bit more this time around!
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