#7179205, By ChocNut Sexism and car insurance

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    estoo wrote:
    The more I think about it, the more pissed off that I was charged the same amount as an utter nob-head boy racer, and a LOT more than an utter nob-head girl racer.

    It implies that all men are the same and well, fuck that, I resent the implication.
    I've never caused an accident and have been lucky not to have been involved in one that was someone else's fault in nearly 15 years of driving.
    When you pass your test it should be the same regardless of gender until you prove yourself a good driver or an idiot.

    Men don't have more accidents than women, some men have more accidents than some women

    Your premium should be based on your personal statistics and not by labelling me or sticking me in a pigeon hole.

    excues any mistakes, it's difficult to type while driving

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