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    Excellent episode. Episode spoilers: Every character so far that has a major plot point is very interesting (except maybe Robb, since we haven't heard much from him) with Tyrion and Arya being stand outs, they really are perfect in their roles so far. In fact I think the casting so far has been very good, not having read the books, each actor seems to fit the character they are portraying very well indeed.

    I loved all the scenes this time around, even the Dothraki scenes were very well done, though it does seem Dany's progression to being more in control is happening quite quickly. I hope that she eventually get's back at her brother for being such an arse to her rather than using her position to help him.

    The assassination scene was brilliantly done also, felt action packed, then the direwolf jumping in and finishing it off, followed by it just chilling by the bed was awesome to see. The scene had me on the edge of my seat.

    Every scene with Arya and Tyrion was excellent of course, but the scene with her sister and the prince was amazing, even if they resulted quite sadly. Tyrion's scene with Jon was standout, and it was obviously great to see him slapping the prince around.

    Can't wait to see what happens with Bran waking up, since only his brother is there I imagine little will come of it until a bit later in the series though. I just hope nothing bad happens to him, that's quite enough thank you very much.

    I also love the tension between Ned and the king, they are obviously good friends, but they don't have a constantly close relationship. Just goes to show how good the writing is when characters have many aspects to their relationships.
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