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    Errol wrote:
    What I don't get is why the fight over the throne anyway? I mean with all the hassle and people continually trying to kill you, why would anyone want it?

    I'd just take my money and live in a remote castle somewhere well away from anyone else. The entire world in GOT is just full of crazed, violent, greedy, untrustworthy loonies if you ask me. Better off out of it.

    Well that is pretty much how Ned feels, but if you aren't the king then you are under his rule, and like Ned you may not have the option of staying out of it. You do what the king says or suffer the consequences of opposing him. It's not really optional. Even Robert agrees that being king is a hassle at times, which is why he mainly participates in the perks of the crown and makes his Hand do the day to day work. But there are perks to having your word be law, and if you aren't ruling, you are following someone else's rules, which might not be as favorable for you. So characters in Game of Thrones want to rule for the same reasons any person in history wanted to be a monarch or dictator and rule.
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