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    :(. Was it really wise to kill off the biggest actor involved? I mean, sure they had no choice but too follow the plot but they could have possibly cast him in another role. If I remember correctly the initial marketing basically revolved around him.
    He was perfect for that role though. Brilliant even. If this was a film I honestly think he could have been on for the shortlist of an oscar (so could the midget...no pun intended either). I think both of their performances have been exceptional. I'm sad to see him dead (I haven't read the books, I had no idea this was even on the cards) but over the bloody moon that they cast him as that character as I'm struggling to think of who else could have done the role such justice.

    Yeah, I totally agree..

    I just wonder whether they'll be able to maintain the popularity. I'm sure it won't be a problem, but I do wonder how many people tuned in for an epic with Sean Bean as the protagonist and he's now been killed off very early on. They might have another big name lined up for the next season, I don't know, but I do worry a bit that next season might not be as popular. As I said, I'm sure it won't be a problem, just a thought that came to mind.

    It's killing off the obvious protagonist early on that upsets me, as it has a lot of people it seems. It sort of takes all direction out of the storyline. I was wanting Ned to rise up again and see justice done. You naturally will him to do this, so his death leaves you cold. I haven't read the books but I just hope there is an even more satisfying story arc to come.


    VERY VAGUE NEXT FEW BOOKS SPOILER: You're going to end up feeling a lot colder than that! GRRM is a big meanie when it comes down to it.
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