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    matrim83 wrote:
    Also rewatching the episode, it was pretty stupid (although badass) to have Stannis lead the charge and be in the fight front and center. No real King or general would ever do that, what if you caught a stray arrow or a stone? Battle over right there.
    It was a bit over the top, yeah. Many kings and generals fought in battles throughout history, but not quite like that. First of all, they would have bodyguards around them - the best of their troops. Second, they would not be right at the front line (it gives you poor visibility over the battle, among other things).

    Plus, he's like a medieval Rambo - he doesn't need a helmet or a shield, he charges up the stairs and nobody can hit him, even though some of the people behind him are killed.

    Having said that, I liked it. The character of Stannis has grown in the last two episode and I'm starting to like him now. This episode also clearly showed the difference between Joffrey (sadistic asshole who only attacks the weak) and Stannis (sadistic asshole who's also fearless badass :D).
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