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    I haven't read the books, but I've been able to follow most plots without problems. The only thing that I didn't notice by myself was the fact that Tyrion's attacker was from his own camp.

    What happened to Winterfell is clearly not a plothole, but something that is left unexplained for now. Obviously there's something wrong there, otherwise Bran & co wouldn't leave the place.

    I thought it was a good episode, although I'm somewhat disappointed by the realization that this story will only end in 5 years from now or more. I wonder if I have the patience for it. I know I had it with Lost, we'll see if this one can pull the same trick.

    The only part that I truly hated this episode was Rob's marriage. For a supposedly great strategist, he's acting real dumb. If he's going to wreck an important alliance, can't he at least postpone it until after the war? Also, ffs, he's a king! His marriage should be about alliance building not love! Nobody says he can't bang the nurse on the side...
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