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    Tonka wrote (in reference to Rob Stark):
    Is he a great strategist? I thought everyone just considered him lucky.
    I don't know... That's the impression I got. He continuously beat the Lannister troops in spite of being seriously outnumbered. I'm not sure everyone considers him lucky, only his enemies say that he's been lucky, to save face.

    Rob is a very poorly defined character, imo. At the end of season 1 I hardly knew his name or was able to recognize him. Later, he developed a little, but not by much: he's good at war and has the hots for an exotic nurse. He's a very important person in the scheme of things, but he's rarely onscreen and doesn't do much when there. I feel like I have a better insight into some bit part characters like Davos or Brienne more than into him.

    I actually suspect that he's not going to live until the end of the story. Not just because he's so empty, but also because the story has invested a lot in Bran and Arya and that doesn't make much sense if they're just there to support him. I'm under the impression that, when they grow up, Bran and/or Arya will replace him.
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