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    I think there's a big difference between spoilers and theorising. For instance, having only seen the TV show I'm 99% sure Jon is not Nedds son. We spend so much time with him compared to Theon etc that he MUST be some kind of magic dude. I think the entire series is basically leading to him and Dany leading a big attack against the white walkers. That's the point of the series, I assume. The other stuff is just filler before Dany takes the throne for good and helps Jon kill the WW and it turns out he's some amazing magic dude or a dragon man as well or something. I think it'll turn out he's noble in some way, too. And have robb and Tyrion on his small council.

    None of these are spoilers. But hey, I've never seen the harm in spoilers anyway. People go WAY over the top about them. Someone was kickin off in the avclub newbies review because a book reader said that awesome stuff was coming up!
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