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    About the OtherOS bullshit. Just to clear things up.

    GeoHot was attempting to hack the PS3 via OtherOS on a PS3 'phat' running a firmware that was a few months out of date at the time. He was doing this long after the slim was released, and showed no interest in trying to hack the slim.
    Nobody else was showing interest in the slim either.

    Sony responded to GeoHot's hack-attempts (because he was being very public about it and claimed he was almost there) by disabling OtherOS on ALL PS3s.
    It was at that point that the hacking scene picked up and started trying to hack GameOS to get OtherOS back in.

    If it were not for GeoHot, OtherOS would never have been taken away. And again, nobody was showing any interest in hacking the slim. The thing had been out for ages and few people even talked about its lack of OtherOS,let alone tried to hack it.

    Oh, and OtherOS has limited RSX access to stop people cracking games and getting them to run via OtherOS. That's not Sony being dicks just for the hell of it, it's a perfectly sensible security measure to take if you are going to allow people to run their own code.

    Sorry, but the revisionist history bullshit that surrounds this whole fiasco really gets on my nerves,
    And now back to your scheduled thread...........
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