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    Hi, I hope no one I know in RL reads this. Anyway, I've been a member of this community for a long time (mostly a lurker, though I've had my moments of fruitful discussion too). There are so many beautiful things about the EG forum and its members. I often find the comments match my own feelings which is why I don't always feel the need to add anything extra.

    So, I'm coming here with my heart and brain in my hands (not Resident Evil style) to share something quite personal in the hopes inspiration might strike.

    I want to propose to my girlfriend but it's causing me a bit of stress. It's partly the fault of work too which has been intense for the last few years. I had hoped things might have calmed down a little so I could focus a little more on personal plans but the time has come and I feel a little under-prepared.

    My girlfriend is an awesome person. She loves me a lot too (not a gamer though but you can't have everything). We have done loads of wonderful things together and we do get the quality time in spite of me spending even my spare energy on work. I feel the balance has been good. We have a great time, I work hard (so does she) but I haven't been able to make room for extra special planning like proposing.

    I feel like time is slipping along and that I should do this. I've seen marriage proposals on YouTube over the years and I think I feel pressured to do something spectacular (even though I haven't had the opportunity to create something amazing).

    We've discussed marriage and it is on the cards. How do I make this moment special? Normally I'm a creative person but I feel I haven't got my shit together this time.

    /preps for FHUTA
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