#7207474, By 3william56 PS3 System Update 3.56 Hard Drive upgrade bug SOLVED

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    I put this in another thread, but as it's pretty important, I think it's worth a thread of it's own in case folk don't want to scroll to the bottom of the racism diatribe the thread got hijacked by.

    The 3.56 HDD upgrade problem has a workaround.


    Basically, if you updated to 3.56 via the internet, half the update is on your HDD, half in the system memory. Pull the HDD, and half the firmware goes with it so you can't fire up with the new HDD. But if you update via flash stick, you get the whole thing on system memory and it no longer relies on the HDD. So the solution goes like this:

    1) Put the original HDD back in (oh, and don't forget to back up!).

    Note: if you don't have a working HDD, you're still b*ggered. So for any PS3 owner, it's worth doing steps 1-4 even if you're not planning on changing HDDs just in case you have a hard drive failure.

    2) Download Update 3.56 from playstation.com via PC and put it on a flash drive PS3/UPDATE folder as per normal PC update instructions.

    3) Disable wifi and pull your ethernet connection on the PS3 (not sure this is necessary, but the original author says so, so why not?).

    4) Install 3.56 (EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT) from the flash drive (System Update / Update from Storage...). NOT Update via internet. This is the key step. Let the update run to completion.

    5) Shut down, pull the hard drive, and put in the new hard drive as normal.

    6) Put the flash drive back in, alongside a controller connected by a usb cable

    7) Fire the PS3 up. Press the PS button. You'll be told the system can't start and you need to insert a system update and reformat the HDD. Press START + SELECT.

    8) Checking.... If all has gone well, you won't get the corrupted error this time. Once it finds the 3.56 update (yes, again), you'll be told to hold START+SELECT for 5 seconds to start the reformat. The HDD will reformat, then 3.56 will install for the second time.

    9) Now you should be good to go with the standard setup.

    10) Reinstall your backup.

    Props to T-$ for finding this!

    And another reason to kick George Hotz and the failoverflow douchebags in the nads for f*cking us all up for lulz.

    Worked a treat on my fat 80Gb model, and a brand new slim 160Gb.
    If you try this, please note below the model you have and success or not.
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