#7335408, By Harmonica Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

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    They need more difficulty selections. The putting circles are confusing as hell - are they 100% right? Only some of the time? Never? Sometimes they say it's got a break one way or so much pace but they're COMPLETELY WRONG, at least visually, and it just takes the fun out of it. I want to read the damn greens properly.

    But you can't turn them off unless you play on Tournament, which just makes everything extremely hit and miss. Some realism aspects of the game are great, like no aiming, no hints, etc, then they remove the meters and everything so you're relying on your analog stick doing you a favour and not arbitrarily wobbling 1/2 mm when you hit the ball. Which it usually does if it's not brand new. I don't think they can go super realism without giving the player the ability to walk around and go up a rise to get a target line and lay of the land.

    Motion control is obviously the way to go but then you get onto the argument where you might as well go out and play the sport for real if you're going to have to learn to swing properly and everything. I dunno.

    I decided not to do the Masters live tournament, because I'd get slaughtered on the greens, and I can only drive about 270 (like all previous games I'm not going to go for an uber level of XP boost because it just gets silly).
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