#7226551, By comradetony Are you happy in your career?

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    Can't say im too happy with my career. Have been doing office work for 12 years or so now, various Admin/Data entry sorts of stuff. I am currently a Filing Clerk at a local college, which I am sure you can imagine, 8 hours a day of standing infront of dozens of filing cabinets putting paper into alphabetical order is joyful.

    I earn 16k a year, enough to keep my house running alongside my fiancee, without her wage I certainly couldn't afford a place by myself.

    Ideally, I want to be a college/6th form level history teacher. I have the Degree, but the 'market' is swamped already, largely by teachers who only have GNVQ's in the subject. The government says they are going to purge some of these guys, but I bet they won't have the balls.

    Also, to get the teaching qualification that I would need would require me to take a post-graduate certificate, which A) costs a lot, and B) would likely mean I have to give up my job, not really an option with a mortgage.

    Guess I'm filing for a while longer! :S
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