#7245545, By PlugMonkey Game mechanics that took you ages to figure out.

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    Same, only we had it on tape, so to save your game you had to try to record a noise onto a tape, and then play that noise back to the game in the vain hope that would somehow magically restore your progress. Try telling that to kids today. They wohn't bloody believe yer.[/yorkshireman]

    I think my main game mechanic lightbulb moment was when I finally noticed that you could sell the laser rifles in UFO: Enemy Unknown for twice what it costed you to manufacture them, thereby allowing you to cover the massive budget deficit that would inevitably kill you off long before any aliens were ever likely to. Arms trading FTW. Oh look, the USA has signed a pact with the alien invaders again. Arseholes.

    Edit: Which reminds me. Jagged Alliance 2 I didn't realise the psychology questionnaire at the start of the game was how you created your character until about halfway through my first playthough, meaning my character was a low level useless muppet for the entire game...
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