#7245663, By frunk The Illusion of Choice

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    Surely life is just a series of complex if then else ifs.

    Not pre-determined ones, though. :p

    How do you *know*? :p

    Are you saying there is no such thing as cause and effect?

    Nope - I am saying that the next choice you make in life may be pre-determined and written in a big book which you can never see.

    To all intents and purposes you are making a free choice, but in reality you are not. This starts getting into deep philiosophy and not the real intent of this thread.

    The intent is to explore - how far you need to go in this direction to provide a convincing illusion of choice for a videogame? And is that possible in the next geenration of videogames? And did David Cage manage to get anywhere close with HR?
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