#7245709, By frunk The Illusion of Choice

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    staal2005 wrote:
    A narrative game will always have a limited and finite number of consequences, otherwise it would be impossible to create the game

    I largely agree with your sentiment... but what about going forward...

    A mere 5-6 years ago... in a video game if you needed to burn a wooden pole to collapse a stone structure it would be hand animated and be very pre-determined.

    With physics engines this can spontaneously happen in emergent gameplay as you come up with the idea mid-fight.

    Surely the "next big thing" for videogames would be to try and push this emergent gameplay into the narrative. This "narraitive engine" is the "ideal world" and still a long way off. But at least HR offered some type of illusion to this.

    Somewhere between now and the emergence of a "narrative engine" we will find an array of games like HR - some better, some worse which will strive towards it. But how far would be enough for you to be briefly convinced and provide a more interesting gameplay experience?
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