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  • skullstorm 25 Mar 2011 16:13:34 141 posts
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    I'm really enjoying playing Rift, I'm quite surprised at how polished it is. Levelling feels quite fun to me rather than a chore.

    So what builds does everyone have? I noticed a few of you are also rogues so I wanna know if we all clash haha.

    I'm currently a Bard/Ranger/Riftstalker. Most of my points are in Bard with the rest in Ranger, 0pts in Riftstalker atm. It's an amazing combination, I pretty much can't die. Buff with motifs, send pet in, open with a bleed, use cadence (fast combo points + heals for 100% of damage done), use a finisher. Rinse and repeat. Throw HoT on the pet if needed. With three sources of healing it's very hard for him or me to die.

    I am getting a bit itchy to try other classes and builds though but having a tough time deciding which!
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