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  • skullstorm 30 Mar 2011 15:07:44 141 posts
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    I'm still playing, I think I'm just on at odd times to you lot. Think we should all be a similar level though so some groupage is in order if we can manage it at some point.

    I'm gonna check the event out (well I say check it out, it's more likely it'll check me out) this eve. When I popped online earlier it was nice (?) to see so many death rifts haha.

    Been doing some warfronts. I don't mind them it's just defiant are either on a roll or on a losing streak. There are some really childish players it seems (especially because you can talk to the other side :p) so a kick from WF option would come in handy. I've seen a few AFK'ers and they even smack talk whilst AFK. Seems damn pointless to me, do you even get much for a loss anyway?
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