#7262023, By Naster Platform of game review should be shown

  • Naster 22 Mar 2011 16:56:26 9 posts
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    When you list all the reviews on Eurogamer you can see the platform (i.e. PC, PS3 etc.) that said game was reviewed on, but this information isn't displayed anywhere on the actual game review page - it just lists all the platforms for which the game was released.

    Games can be very different on different platforms. Criticisms of inaccurate controls, shoddy graphics or clumsy user interfaces might be valid on one platform but not on another. So I think that there should be a clear label, "Reviewed On: Platform X", at the beginning of the review pages.

    Additionally it would be even better if the reviewer actually tried the game on all platforms and would comment on the differences between the platforms. These differences could either be mentioned within the review text, or they could be listed on a separate box at the end or something.
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