#7262274, By Naster Platform of game review should be shown

  • Naster 22 Mar 2011 17:49:03 9 posts
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    Stickman wrote:
    I was under the impression that whenever they bring faults up like controls/stuttering/tearing/etc, they usually mention which platform they're playing on.

    Perhaps they do some (even most) of the time, but not always. E.g. I just read the review of Kane & Lynch 2 recently and it faults the graphics and how the cover taking doesn't seem to work every time, which I didn't find to be problems on the PC version, at least not for me (although I still agree with the overall score the game got).

    It would just be more convenient if the platforms the review focused upon were easily identifiable with just a quick glance, keeping you from having to read the whole review to realize it doesn't really reflect the game on your platform of choice.
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