#7263133, By makeamazing Do reviews really matter anymore?

  • makeamazing 22 Mar 2011 21:11:39 425 posts
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    I think what gets on my nerves the most is gamers complaining about a single points difference on one site to another...

    I think over the years i have got less interested in single review scores, and decided to go with my instinct and a look at the average on the main sites... that gives me a good indication. If i like the topic the game covers, then it could score bad and i would still get it.

    I do think that sites have a responsibility to get people to review a game that likes the premise and genre of the game, because let's be honest thats who's going to be buying it.

    If i see conflicting scores and i like the game genre, i remove any single odd scores and just go with the rest, for example Mafia 2 got 4 on EG, but generally got between 6-8 on the other main sites, so i concluded that i could take the 4 away and for me i was totally right. Really loved the game. It wasn't perfect, but it was the type of game i liked. If i went with score on a single site alone, then i would have missed out. So i guess what i am saying is, that too many people still take a single score from one site too personally and use that to argue about their chosen platform over another etc or as the reason not to get the game.
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