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    AaronTurner wrote:
    King_Edward wrote:
    AaronTurner wrote:

    Duke Nukem is shit and Duke Nukem humour is shit too.

    Whether it's good or not isn't the argument.

    Although I did just post that as a wind up ( a truthful one though, it is shit) it does still have a place in this argument. If the game is well made and the humour well portrayed or told then there won't be an issue. The fact is that the game is just going to be full of bluntly told crass humour that makes Roy Chubby Brown look like a decent chap. On top of that it wil be shit too.
    With Duke part of the humour is how crass the humour is. It's satire. Chubby Brown on the other hand has all the wit of a haemorrhoid.
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