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    AaronTurner wrote:
    Psiloc wrote:
    With Duke part of the humour is how crass the humour is. It's satire. Chubby Brown on the other hand has all the wit of a haemorrhoid.

    Wait, Duke Nukem is satire but Chubby Brown isn't? How come? How come Duke Nukem's crass humour is allowed but Chubby Brown's isn't? They're both shit if you ask me, don't know how any can muster a titter at Duke Nukem's prepubescent humour.
    It's a matter of opinion, of course. Personally I think you should play Duke Nukem again because you may have missed the joke, I assure you DN is way more satirical than Chubby Brown who I don't believe is an ironic creation at all and means every word of his bigoted routine (or maybe I'm missing the Chubby Brown 'joke'? Interesting!).
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