#7592099, By Hamhock StreetPass Meets

  • Hamhock 20 Jun 2011 20:58:11 27 posts
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    Streetpass has been a real surprise. Geniunely wonderful.

    Initially (at the launch demos) I dismissed the feature and totally rolled my eyes to any notion of it bringing something extra to the 3DS experience. Yet it's been a constant joyous niggle to me since launch. Even the GF eagerly awaits any new streetpasses for the puzzle/quest.

    She needs to get a life to be fair.

    It does help using major railway stations, shopping malls etc BUT never miss an opportunity to have the sleeping 3DS on you. I've picked up some passes in surprisingly desolate places.

    Also, when you've had a streetpass visitor, top up the Quest team by buying as many wanderers as possible before sending them out to battle.
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