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    Flip, have you seen the drop in frames distant enemies suffer from? Not frame-rate as such, but the game deliberately drops the fps by about a third.

    Also, the audio of the game on the Giant Bomb preview is terrible - talking kids meal toys have better audio I'd guess.

    This should have been an epic fan service game, would have been a 3DS system seller I think.

    Plot could have involved a 'cosmic' inter-dimensional split where all characters from all Resi games and universes are gathered and you just select a character, loadout and then play through a dozen or so maps spanning the entire Resi catalogue. Mansion, Raccoon City, Bio-lab-place-thing and all the newer places.
    Plus, something weird like PS1 style Tofu, Barry, or having PS1 type graphics for some of the old guns, just to mix it up a bit and give them unique abilities.
    Not to mention 4 player online, endless mode with online leaderboards. Or even reverse it, so you can choose to play as the zombies. Rip off Left 4 Dead, Gears, all the other games that have got it right.

    Capcom, give me a creative job please, I feel like I can help you out.


    Just going to play the Wii Resi 4 Mercs for now until this hits 10. I think that's a fair price.
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