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    The skill system lets any character equip up to 3 skills and you cannot equip the same skill more than once.

    There are 30 skills which are unlocked by clearing levels as you go. Every skill starts out at level 1 and is maxed out at level 3. By finishing a level you earn skill points that contribute to your currently equipped skills. So 500 points for finishing a level gets you 500 for each skill. When a skill reaches level 3 you get an additional benefit from it. Failing to complete a level (dying) gets you 0 points.

    HERE is a full list

    Skills aren't character dependant, so levelling up one skill levels it up for all other characters. There is also no restriction on the skills a character can equip.

    Another thing to note is that some characters alternate costumes have more benefits to them. Like Rebecca's nurse costume heals far more life and Krausers exo-skeleton costume takes less damage. I'm not sure about other characters though.
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