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    BuntyHoven wrote:
    I meant to ask, EddieBear, what did you think of Brno and what did you find interesting about Dresden?

    Sorry for the late reply (and the minor thread hijack), just saw this reply.

    I was only in Dresden and Brno for one night each. Dresden was interesting to myself as I'd read Slaughterhouse 5 only a few months earlier and wanted to see how it had been rebuilt and what it might have looked like back in the day. Unlike say a Portsmouth or a Coventry, Dresden has been primarily re-built to look like it did before the war, so it's sort of traditionally-styled 'new' buildings. You can also see pockets of the original architecture which is truly stunning.

    Brno was interesting too, but for different reasons. I went there straight after 3 nights in Prague and was instantly impressed by the place. Unlike the capital, it felt like a modern European city, with a nice sense of bustle, hardly any tourists and some interesting architecture- including a tremendously imposing cathedral built on a steep hill in the centre of the city. However, I'm willing to admit that my positive feelings towards the place were partly influenced by my desire to leave Prague. You should also know that the place is difficult to get to and is relatively isolated (not on any major through routes as I recall) and that its accommodation is limited.
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