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    The beta is available to download.

    Also, you can test the new maps using bots (they aren't great) but it is good to get used to the controls again and have a look around.

    To activate the console launch the game and press the Tilda ~ key (you have to be in US keyboard layout) as it won't work on UK layouts. The tilda key is next to the number 1 key on US keyboards.

    Typing this into the console will load up maps for death match:

    open DM-Andromeda
    open DM-Sahara
    open DM-Alleys
    open DM-Titan

    Adding bots is done afterwards by typing:

    AddBots N (N being however many bots you want)

    open MA-Titan opens up a missile assault map

    Edit: I forgot to mention the new siege mode and map:

    open SG-Titan

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