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    Blerk wrote:
    Not really a surprise after all this time, but still sad. It's the sort of thing that would be great as a downloadable title rather than a full retail release, so perhaps there's still hope for the future?

    What's Irem got left? R-Type?
    R-Type's dead. I mean, they still own it, and they did make that SRPG thing out of it, but I don't think there's anything constructive they can do with it now short of pulling a Sega and releasing worse-than-free emulated versions on any platform that'll let them. Final was a bit pants and no one works for them any more who really has a clue how to make a new one. I suppose they could farm it out like Konami did Gradius V, but who'd want it?

    Pity about the canned sequel, since the first was amusing in a slightly mad way.
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